Victorious Living: Refusing to live a POWERLESS Life!


Victorious Living doesn’t just happen, we have to purpose to live that way if we want to walk in it. So often, life, our health, circumstances, genetics, family, jobs, etc overwhelm us and we just decide it’s easier to agree with our feelings and our enemy. Guess, what I’ve done this like a million times, and every time I agreed with the enemy I became weak, pathetic and powerless. I can’t even get mad at God when I chose to believe what was easier. But, we are called to overcome every challenge we face in life. Nothing and no one can hold us back from total healing and restoration in God unless we just choose to give up and agree with the enemy. We don’t just agree with the enemy though, we listen to Him long enough to start really believing it and then we get exactly what we’ve been believing would happen. You got to get mad, not at people, get mad at your disease, anxiety or whatever is stealing your life and say “I REFUSE to be ________________.” Fill in the blank. Greater is He who is in you than he who is in this world. (I John 4:4) This means you have the power within you if you’ve given your life over to Jesus 100%, to kick out everything that doesn’t line up with God’s word. I mean, kick out the negative thoughts and words, speak scriptures over yourself. Stop speaking what is the opposite of what God’s Word says. Ask God for wisdom and He will guide you to totally healing and freedom. Don’t give up. Be encouraged. Miracles happen for those who press their way to throne of God relentlessly!

This was not an organized, planned video and podcast. I was just fired up in my spirit talking to my husband and he was like you need to record this. So, we did. I’m not a Bible scholar… but in John 5 in the Bible, Jesus healed a man who had been an invalid for 38 years. Each year the angel of the Lord would stir this pool water and whoever got in the water first got healed.Almost like, whoever wanted it bad enough, got it! After years of not being able to get in the water in time, it feels as if this man was tired, bitter and feeling sorry for himself. He had a victim, self-pity mentality. He told Jesus he had no one to put him into the water when the pool was stirred, but Jesus just told him to get up and take your mat and walk! (I’m paraphrasing it). The man obeyed Jesus, showing he really did want to get well but had just sort of been fried from being disabled for so long. He was totally healed instantly. No drama, Jesus spoke and the man was healed!

Now that’s the kind of power and authority I want to walk in how about you?

Laurel Costa Kasco

Know Your Value. Live Your Life.

Know Your Value. Live Your Life.

Black Friday: God’s Moving Faster Than a Black Friday Shopper!

Black Friday used to start around midnight, but now it’s starting earlier and earlier. So in the spirit of things moving so fast I posted tomorrow’s blog ahead of schedule to sink up with the theme.

God is moving so fast and it’s a new day and a new moment in time where God wants us to get up and get going on what He has called for us to do. I know it’s not easy, but God wants to bring freedom in every area of our lives.

Nothing is impossible for God so wherever you are struggling right now, addictions, eating disorders, anxiety, fear, anger, grief, depression etc. Just know God wants to set you free so you can move. Move forward and don’t be left behind because God’s moving faster than a speeding bullet train, He’s moving faster than a Black Friday Shopper!

Come on, let’s go with God and make a difference in people around us each and every day!

What is God calling you to do today?

What's God calling you to do?

Laurel Live

Giving Thanks: Thoughts, Prayers and Worship!

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you had an amazing day. Are you excited about what God is doing right now? He is moving so fast and bringing so much provision in every conceivable way. Bring your thanks to God and then go out and find someone to lift up this week. I promise you won’t have to look far to make a major difference in a life around you and truly bring someone hope!

Too many times this year I sort of checked out and became lazy and went my own way. I’m not waiting until 2016 to change this. There is no way I deserve all of God’s amazing goodness but He’s been doing whatever it takes to keep cheering me on and He will do the same for you.
May God give us the strength and grace to obey Him more and more in Jesus Name!

Today’s Worship:

On this Thanksgiving Day,
As we worship and we pray,
We take the time to thank you, Jesus
We take the time to thank you.

As we bow our heads and pray
And we worship at your feet, Jesus
We take the time to thank you.
We take the time to thank you.

What are you thankful for today?

Laurel Live

Body Image: Do you struggle to find Balance with Food over the Holidays?

Studies show body image struggles often begin around the age of six. Maybe it’s because we grow up here in America with so many Barbie Dolls, mirrors and general focus on what we look like. Many of us also develop negative Body Images because our moms had one and that’s what we grew up with. Sometimes the stress of the Holidays like Thanksgiving can be just enough to trigger you to start ping ponging between eating enough to not eating or anything in between. We want to enjoy the Holidays without letting our health go sideways, but that’s easier said that done at times, right?

What is the hardest thing for you about your body image, food and the holidays?

Laurel Live

God’s Love: Did You Know it Isn’t Earned Only Received?

God’s Love for us goes deep. I pray He helps us Believe it and receive it so we can share it with others.

For too many years I couldn’t receive God’s love on a regular basis because I was focused on everything I felt was too awful or too big for God. God has showed me His love can’t be earned it can only be received. We simply receive what Jesus did for us and believe it was more than enough to cover every sin and mistake we would commit during our lives.

God’s Love is a gift and not based on our performance.

His love is a gift free to us, but Jesus paid with His life and suffered so we could receive it.

How many friends do you know who would lay down their life for you?

Jesus’ death and resurrection was enough to save the whole world, and more than enough to cover the things we do and say that bring us further from God.

Romans 8

Laurel Live

God’s Soar Team Launch Video: Donna Partow


I was determined to share this video with you and spread the word about God’s Soar Team. This is like a team of highly skilled, focused, disciplined operatives who are packed and ready to go where God sends the team on a moments notice. Many skills, gifts and talents will be needed. The focus for this team in 2016 is Europe. You can stay up to date on the God’s Soar Team facebook page and on Periscope. Watch the video below to hear the launch of this team God Himself is putting together for such a time as this!

What is God called and gifted you to do in this hour and in 2016?

Laurel Live

Living High: Are Your Thoughts Soaring With God’s Thoughts?

Living Higher with God’s Thoughts and Ways
It’s easy to get stuck on the runway of life and not really go anywhere. We can live higher and higher by soaring with God and learning to think more the way He thinks. Nothing is impossible for God. Every thought is taking us somewhere… agreeing with God and learning to think on His words causes us to take off and soar higher and higher in our purpose! Bringing our thinking up to where God wants us to through His word allows us to go to places and do things we’ve only dreamed of until we brought our thoughts to line up with God’s ways!

Isaiah 55: 6-11

Laurel Live

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God Thoughts and Ways

Living High

Bright Lights: God Wants to Shine His Light In Our Hearts!

It was beyond having a dumb blonde moment… I really needed to find my leave in conditioner but I didn’t find it until I turned on the light! I prayed but it wasn’t answered until the LIGHT was on. God wants to put His light on things in our life that He wants us to see. It can be good things, painful things, relationships, so many areas but letting God’s light shine on our hearts helps close the door to the enemy in our lives in so many ways.

How is God shining His light into your heart and life today?

Laurel Live

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God Help: Letting Your THOUGHTS Weigh You Down?

Mind at Peace


Crazy Thoughts:
Have you ever showed up for something a day early? I did last week and then I was thinking… I can’t believe my husband had to drive me around for no reason, the new director I just met must think I’m not professional… and God just jumped right into my thoughts and said “Everyone here makes mistakes, you made a mistake, it’s Ok!” Then He told me “Don’t pick it up, the weight and guilt the enemy wants you to feel because you made a mistake.” I humbled myself and asked God to give me favor… and He did. II Corinthians 10:5

What thoughts are trying to come in and weigh you down?

Laurel Live

Worship: How to Sing Your Own Worship Song to God!

Over the years I’ve been asked to teach people how to get more in touch with God and hearing music. Here I teach you how God gives me songs so you can try it out to sing a new song to God for yourself. It’s a great way to brighten your day and give God praise. It’s also a wonderful outlet for you to try out. Think of being able to sing a new song to God of worship or a prayer about what you’re going through… trust me, it is really uplifting. As you sing to God His presence shows up and makes life become more alive! :)

Did you try to ask God for your own worship song to sing to Him yet?

Laurel Live