Welcome! You are Beautiful!

We live in a world where “image” is everything to many!

What we look like depends on so many factors. We can do our best to share our style with how wear our hair, make-up,clothes etc…

But, what happens everyday when you are alone and you look in the mirror?

Do you feel BEAUTIFUL or is there secretly still part of you saying inside “No matter what I do this flaw, is still ugly.”

You are BEAUTIFUL not because you’re perfect… you are beautiful because you are YOU!

There is no one else exactly like you.

We all have different genes, there’s nothing you can do with your genetic make up…BUT…

You can daily take a few moments daily to work on looking at yourself in a more positive light!

Who cares what others don’t like about your looks…the ones who are constantly pointing out what they see as your “flaws” are insecure about what they believe are their “flaws!”

And if you are you’re own worse critic like me then it’s a good idea to just lighten up about those pesky imperfections.

Freckles are pretty, but lots of people used to try to cover them up…but why?

Now, you see models of all shapes and sizes, freckles, cultures etc.. . and I think this is BEAUTIFUL in every way!

We have made some progress towards excepting many different forms of beautiful

but I hope together we can realize we are beautiful in our own way during each stage of our lives…even the “awkward” stage.

Listen to Radio Shows each day get your Motivation Boost to start loving yourself for your unique qualities.

I will cheer you on! So come on let’s kick our negative Body Image thoughts about ourselves to the curb.

Laurel Live