Love On Purpose!!!

Here’s 7 Tips on How to Love on Purpose!

1. Say something nice to your man, friends and family today! We all have days and moments where we just wish someone would be nice.

2. Make or buy a card with an original note or poem in it…this says “Hey, I love you and took the time to write it!”

3. Pay attention to your man’s needs/wants…can you make his life a little better or easier by something you do or say for him today?

4. Find out the one thing your man or family needs/wants and try to help them get that.

5. Show love on purpose by letting your man or family member pick the next TV show or Movie to watch and make their favorite snack!

6. Give your man time and space when he needs it…sometimes they just want to veg and think of “nothing!”

7. Do one chore your man, family or friends would normally do for them just to help them out.

How can you show love on purpose today?

Laurel Live