3 Things a Negative Body Image will Steal from your Life!

1. Peace- It will go right out the window if you feel a constant pressure to look a certain way all of the time. So try not to constantly worry about it. There’s time for everything important and our looks are just one small part of the bigger picture of our lives.

2. Energy- Negative thoughts and emotions drain our energy. I don’t know about you but I need more energy! Seeing yourself in a positive light helps boost your energy.

3. Happiness- Negative focus on our imperfections steals our happiness. If your struggling with this try shifting your thoughts back to something positive you do like about yourself. This could be a gift/talent, personality trait or something else. By doing this you will be happier and healthier this year!

What areas of your life is a negative Body Image stealing from you?

3 Tips to help Stay Strong against the pressure to be Perfect!

1. Ask yourself WHY you stress over being perfect in the first place?

The answer is a little different for everyone. For me I became a perfectionist in my work and projects because I was abused and bullied by teachers when I was young. This made me feel like nothing I did was ever good enough.I felt like I had to earn love and acceptance from everyone. I was also brought up in an extremely talented hard working family. I had less talent in many areas so I always felt like I’d simply have to work harder. Check out my video on this below:

2. Say something positive about yourself everyday!

3. Next time you feel stressed over Perfection and Self Acceptance simply do your best and don’t stress over the rest!

In what area’s do you struggle with self-acceptance or perfectionism?

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Happy Relationships & Body Image

L and S

1. Did you know a big part of having a healthy relationship with your man starts with having a positive self/body image?

Why? Because if you don’t realize your own value and beauty you might just land a guy who doesn’t either. That’s not to say there are a lot of great guys who will love you through your own self/body image struggles… but eventually they will tire of always building you up when they need to be built up too! Guys need a lot of words of affirmation. And the key to successful relationships is for both people involved to invest time, thought and energy into the other one.

In Love

2. The right man typically comes along when you VALUE yourself and feel worthy of having a great man in the first place.

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3. Your worth more than you can imagine and part of your life is just about enjoying it. Sometimes this will be hard. But you and your relationships are worth it. Know you only need one good man who loves you and whom you also love. Take some time to learn to receive love from God, friends and family. Love and take care of yourself; this will help build up your Body Image.

What do you need to do to get a stronger Body Image so you have Happy Relationships?

-Laurel Live

Here’s this week’s Podcast:

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Beautiful. Priceless. Life.

Have you ever felt like you’ve gone through so much in your life that it makes you really wonder what you’re worth?

I certainly have. I used to feel of little or no importance, value or worth because of years of battling Epilepsy and the other massive challenges that came with it.

I know what it feels like to be DIFFERENT, unwanted, abandoned… to wonder what the purpose of my life was anymore besides survival.

During this time I also went through abuse by a boyfriend… making me feel even more WORTHLESS.

Maybe you are going through something right now, or know someone who doesn’t know they’re PRICELESS.

This blog is for you and every other woman out there who needs to know she is worth more than all of the precious Diamonds, Jewels, Gold, Platinum and

Silver in the world.

Our experiences in life DON’T determine our WORTH and VALUE… ever.

They can’t. Because you and I were created for a unique purpose. NO one else is exactly like us. That my friend makes us PRICELESS.

This week think on this: You are PRICELESS!

You see NO amount of MONEY $$$ could ever be enough to buy you!

God took the time to make each snowflake unique, how much more Valuable are you than a BEAUTIFUL snowflake?

I’m posting a podcast below I recorded on this subject.

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Your Friend,

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