Time: Do you feel like there isn’t time for everything you want to do with your life?

Do you need more time?


Time. There seems to be so little of it. The truth is there is enough time for you to do everything that’s really important in your life.

Of course life happens daily and it doesn’t always feel like there’s enough time.

We constantly juggle more than we can take on and why?

So many things in our society and culture are under these extreme time crunches. We are expected on jobs and in our daily careers to do more in less time than is really needed.

I’m 34, and I’ve learned that the world doesn’t stop turning if it takes us a little bit longer to finish a project. And there is time for everything we need to do.

People are more important than our daily “to do” list by far. But I’ve found that I often don’t get the important things done if they aren’t on my calender or on a daily list.

Here’s how I was able to juggle a dual degree program in college, concert choir, voice lessons, praise team, gospel choir (that traveled),student government Senator of Public Relations and President and much more. Yes, I did all this and was in Phi Theta Kappa Honor’s Society!

1. Write it down. Review it. Put your dates, times and “to do’s” on a calender or day planner.

2. Follow through. It’s simple to follow the list but not always simple to get motivated. Staying focused here will get you the results you want.

3. Breathe. Things will always come up to throw off your schedule and list. In this case take some slow deep breaths and do your best with the time you do have and start again tomorrow!

I hope this is helpful and simple to follow if you’re trying to juggle a lot of things!

There is time for everything that’s important.

What things are the most important for you to spend your time on?

-Laurel Live

Beautiful: Re-boot your thoughts in 2014!


Beautiful thoughts = beautiful life.

How do we delete the negative record player of secret thoughts we think about ourselves?

We often need to put in a new record or in today’s world a new podcast!

The most powerful tools we have are our Bibles and the music we listen to! Yep, I said it. I can tell you what many others speakers are saying or I can give the tools that really work.

Proverbs 23:7a For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.

We can try to cover up what we really think when we’re alone but we are what we think. If you think and believe you are beautiful, and your life has purpose and meaning then it does.

We will never be strong in an area of our lives until we think strong in those areas.

Positive thoughts are nice but they are not enough.

So many times I’ve been thinking the wrong things and it’s because I wasn’t actively putting the right things in my brain to begin with.

Let’s Reboot our thoughts in 2014 because beautiful thoughts = a beautiful life.

What’s your favorite song of all time? Do the music and lyrics give you the boost you need? What we listen to tends to get stuck in our heads. So today, I’m bringing you something original that I hope you will get stuck in your head the next time you feel don’t feel beautiful.

Here’s the chorus loop for you ladies:

You are beautiful, You are loved,

You have a friend and your not alone.

Sometimes, Oh, Sometimes, Oh

You just need to know, Oh,

You just need to know Oh, Yeah,

You are beautiful, you are loved,

You have a friend and you’re not alone.

What are the musical thoughts running around in your head?

-Laurel Live

Models, Body Image and You!

1. Models: Do you often compare your body image, shape, size and looks to the models you see in the magazines?

If so you are likely to get a distorted body image of yourself because it’s impossible to look like these models unless you have what they have… a massive beauty team. Some of these models are not a healthy weight, and some are.

2. Many eating disorders come from simply being unsatisfied with the way we appear.-Paraphrased from: National Eating Disorders Association

3. It’s more important to simply be healthy and be yourself. When we are healthy we look and feel our best!

This blog was inspired by a College Student facebook rant of frustration on this topic: Laura Ache

“I know, Facebook isn’t for ranting, but let’s clarify one thing. When I see adds where beautiful women are being called a “plus size” model, I get really irritated. We have made plus size such an ugly word when in fact it’s really not. Society is using super skinny models to define what a woman should look like and everyone else is “not normal.” Don’t get me wrong, it’s absurd when these super skinny women are torn a part as well, as most people like to compliment their small weight rather than their eyes, personality, hair, etc., which can make a person feel so empty. It’s not nice to ridicule someone for being “underweight” just like it’s not okay to make fun of someone for being “overweight.” It’s important to realize that every woman has been made differently for a purpose. So why define a woman by her weight? Why can’t every woman be called beautiful with no reference to whether she is a 0, 4, 10, 16, etc. Society (which all of us make up, don’t forget) should just let you love the body you have because you know what? A scale doesn’t define you.” -Laura Ache, Nursing Student

Are your Body Image goals healthy ones or Model ones?

-Laurel Live

Do you struggle to maintain a Healthy Body Image?

So maybe you’ve tried a lot of things. You go to the gym or get some sort of exercise. You eat right, most of the time. And you wonder why am I still struggling to get and maintain a healthy Body Image?


There’s not always a straight forward answer but here’s something that may help:

1. Use your gifts and talents to help and encourage others. Finish college, start a business or work in the field you love until you’ve reached your dreams. By focusing on your purpose which is usually tied in with your gifts and talents you then you’ll notice you’ll have a more positive outlook on your Body Image.

Discovering your purpose and working towards it each day helps you develop and maintain a healthy body image!

What’s your purpose in life?

-Laurel Live