Summer Fun: Become a Volunteer doing something you Love!

Summer Fun through Volunteering!

I take pics of pretty things!

I take pics of pretty things!

Light’s. Camera. Action. Well actually the lights, camera and action weren’t for me, I was just the background music before the Fashion Show began. However, I had a lot of fun and it was a fashion show put on by a local hospital I volunteer at.

So I took a break from packing and cleaning Sunday to shoot this little video for you check it out:

How will you take something you love to do and use it to bring others joy this summer?

Spring Fashion Show Benefit

Spring Fashion Show Benefit

-Laurel Live

Summer/Spring Flings: How do they make you feel?

Summer Flings. They happen. Even to those of us who have vowed to stay pure. Sometimes we still give in to the temptation. I have had my spring flings for sure. For a brief time it’s fun but then it’s like… “what’s the point?”

Instead of a list of tips or steps on how to do or not do something I thought I’d simply ask a list of questions:

1. How did having a brief spring fling make you feel when it was suddenly over?

2. Do you wish you’d waited for the right guy to be that close with?

3. What type of relationship were you created to have?

4. What’s the purpose of being in love and a committed relationship?

5. Why is it best to wait until marriage to be physically intimate with someone?

True Love!

6. Are you using a guy to fill a void in your life?

7. Do you feel happy on the inside with the choices you’ve made regarding relationships with guys?

8. Do you feel loved, adored, wanted and longed for by the current man in your life?

9. Why are you with him… really?

10. Is this a healthy relationship physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally etc… ?

Spring Flings often leave us empty. These types of relationships can leave you feeling empty inside and worthless. You are a priceless woman.

Love wasn’t created to just be a fling, it was created to be everlasting.

What do you think?

Laurel Live