Confession’s of a High Goal Oriented, Independent, Over talkative, Blonde Perfectionist!

We now have reality TV, teens getting plastic surgery because they aren’t happy with their nose, OCD, anxiety, depression, “selfies” Photos, and we too often we’re not just striving to reach perfection we’re dying because of it.

The stress of trying to reach perfection alone isn’t healthy if it becomes obsessive.

Confession # 1: I have cramped crooked teeth I’d like to get fixed but that has happened yet. This is the main physical flaw I’d like to fix. However, life is more than straight teeth so guess what I’m thankful for the one’s I have right now crooked or not!

Confession # 2: After playing the piano I often say “Oh, thanks but I’m rusty right now.” And basically tell people I don’t think my piano playing is good enough yet. My husband says it sounds so prideful because they think it’s sounds beautiful now… but I don’t hear much of the beauty… I hear the mistakes. I’m horrified I’ve been saying this and sounding prideful all these years.

Confession # 3: I talk too much to friends and family all the time and then I apologize for it and make the mistake of talking more…geez!

Confession #4: I don’t mind the house not being perfect but I still have this urge to at least tidy up before I head out the door.

Confession #5: I’m too hard on myself about what I say or do and then it gets harder to start saying and doing the right thing because I’m so stressed about the wrong thing I already said… or did. LOL! Does that even make sense?

Confession #6: Sometimes I miss my devotional time with God, and it’s not usually in the morning as I’m actually more awake at night.

Confession #7: If I make a daily or any goal list it’s often too long and I have a hard time getting it all done. Exhausted, I then realize I need to slow down sometimes and make smaller lists, the perfectionist in me just wants to get everything done today!

Confession #8: I sometimes fall asleep without brushing my teeth!

Confession #9: I have the amazing ability of driving away people by over talking about medical… or just over talking in general.

Confession #10: Being high goal oriented I take on too much sometimes and then get burnt out… learning to find balance is key!

Confession #11: I hate asking for help because I feel like I’m “bothering” someone else who’s busy but know that often times he/she is glad to help and I like to be as independent as possible.

Confession #12: I still walk into a room or meeting and really hope know one “sees” me. The little shy girl in me is still in there somewhere and I have to face her every time I’m out in public it seems.

Confession #13: Only recently have I stopped carrying the weight of trying to please everyone and the internal tally button of everything I may or may not say or do that’s acceptable has finally been shut off.

Confession #14: I want to be able to exercise almost daily but I’m finally ok with it if I can’t. I can only make it through like 3-5 minutes of Pilates and then feel like I’m dying! (ok, I do have medical reasons for this but still I used to play tennis for hours)

Confession #15: Growing up I prayed for God to make me look like Pocahontas with long dark hair and skin. I had long blonde hair and white skin… so white it glowed! Why can’t I just be happy with what God gave me?

Confession #16: I crave smore’s and brownies on a regular basis, and sometimes I find a reason why to give in and eat the brownie!

Confession #17: The real reason I became a perfectionist was to please God and others. Now I’m learning I only need to please God and care about what He thinks! I’m harder on myself than God is, I think he wants me to forgive myself and receive love and grace instead of constantly counting all my mistakes.

Are you a perfectionist? If so about what?

Laurel Live

Love: 15 Ways to know it’s real Love!

Love. How do you know it’s Real Love?

1. He’s fun to be with and you are at peace when you are with him! He feels like home.


Our Actual Wedding Day

2. He’s a man after God’s own heart and demonstrates this daily.

3. Your first gift from him is a Bible and you both go to Bible Study together.


Pink & Black Leather Bible

4. He holds your hand on the beautiful and ugly days of life.

Never let's go.



Rough day…

5. He loves you even more when you’re wearing no make up!

6. He walks to work so you can have the car during the rain and snow of the winter, and I would do anything so he wouldn’t have to in the first place.

7. You have $5 bucks left to buy a meal and he says “you eat, and I’ll eat what’s left.”

8. You have date night each week even if you have no money to go out. You take time to spend with each other, make snacks, watch movies etc. even if this means watching movies in your car while your homeless all winter. Yep. We did it!

9. Your combined income doesn’t dictate your happiness. Your happy if you live high in the sky in an amazing condo or from your car all winter long. As long as you have each other you’re happy!


Rainbow over the Ocean.

10. You both try to take care of each other and almost fight over who’s going to sacrifice for the good of the other.

11. You love him even though you’ve had moments where he made you so angry you could spit fire out of your mouth and consume him!

12. You no longer put so much emphasis on “me” all the time and wonder how you can make his life better today!

13. You can’t wait for him to come home from work… even though you’ve been together for years.

14. You take steps to improve your health so you can be together longer.

15. You make each other laugh daily.

Is your man a daily symbol of real love?

Laurel Live

How To Have the Best SUMMER Ever!!!

1. God. Your Best Summer Ever begins and ends with God. Make Him #1 and everything else will fall into place. Hang out with Him. Talk to Him. He is your best friend!

2. Work. Stay focused on your college studies if you’re in classes over the summer. It’s not the time to blow off class as you’ll miss the one thing you really needed on the day you miss! Have the best summer ever by doing well in college or in your career through hard work. If you are a young career woman working hard and staying focused is the way to get ahead!

3. Play. By all means, please get out and have some good clean fun with your friends. Celebrate everything! Life is meant to enjoy celebrate everyday, play as much as you can on your days off! Celebrate the weather rain or shine. Celebrate birthdays both yours and mine. Celebrate each and everyday cause you never know when it won’t come your way!

I talked my husband into doing the “Irish Jigg” for my daughter while he was in a laundrymat today doing laundry… very funny… don’t forget to PLAY:

4. Give & Serve. Give to others in need. Give of your time, talents, gifts and resources. Find something you love to do and do it in such a way that it enriches the lives of others.

My husband gave of his talent to sing Happy Birthday to our daughter.We haven’t been able to see her much so this is her gift! Ok this is a small example of giving but we hope you enjoy it! I wanted to sing happy birthday and did, but then my husband said he could do way better… it became a sing off… and HE WON hands down!!

Who won this vocal sing off: Mom or Dad just leave your comments below.

Now go and do what I’ve posted here on this blog and come back and share how you had the best summer ever!

What’s stopping you from having the best summer of your life?

-Laurel Live