Living High: Are Your Thoughts Soaring With God’s Thoughts?

Living Higher with God’s Thoughts and Ways
It’s easy to get stuck on the runway of life and not really go anywhere. We can live higher and higher by soaring with God and learning to think more the way He thinks. Nothing is impossible for God. Every thought is taking us somewhere… agreeing with God and learning to think on His words causes us to take off and soar higher and higher in our purpose! Bringing our thinking up to where God wants us to through His word allows us to go to places and do things we’ve only dreamed of until we brought our thoughts to line up with God’s ways!

Isaiah 55: 6-11

Laurel Live

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God Thoughts and Ways

Living High

About laurellive

Laurel Live is a Motivational Speaker for college and career women sharing on: What God says about Your Life, God My Best Friend Trust Worthy and Loving, Self-Image, Body Image. She shares her story of how God: 1. Rescued her from abuse and bullying when she was in school at the age of 4 2. How she learned to trust God through Epilepsy and Rape in her 20's 3. How she encountered the presence and healing power of God in 2004 4. How God is always running to love us 5. How he's proven Himself to be her best friend. She wants to inspire, encourage and motivate young women to invite God to be involved in every aspect of their lives. She shares simple "how to" lists and scriptures to help them to receive inner healing from the battles and wounds we often carry for years on the inside. This allows them to encounter God's tangible presence and have every broken area of their life restored from the inside out!
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