Victorious Living: Refusing to live a POWERLESS Life!


Victorious Living doesn’t just happen, we have to purpose to live that way if we want to walk in it. So often, life, our health, circumstances, genetics, family, jobs, etc overwhelm us and we just decide it’s easier to agree with our feelings and our enemy. Guess, what I’ve done this like a million times, and every time I agreed with the enemy I became weak, pathetic and powerless. I can’t even get mad at God when I chose to believe what was easier. But, we are called to overcome every challenge we face in life. Nothing and no one can hold us back from total healing and restoration in God unless we just choose to give up and agree with the enemy. We don’t just agree with the enemy though, we listen to Him long enough to start really believing it and then we get exactly what we’ve been believing would happen. You got to get mad, not at people, get mad at your disease, anxiety or whatever is stealing your life and say “I REFUSE to be ________________.” Fill in the blank. Greater is He who is in you than he who is in this world. (I John 4:4) This means you have the power within you if you’ve given your life over to Jesus 100%, to kick out everything that doesn’t line up with God’s word. I mean, kick out the negative thoughts and words, speak scriptures over yourself. Stop speaking what is the opposite of what God’s Word says. Ask God for wisdom and He will guide you to totally healing and freedom. Don’t give up. Be encouraged. Miracles happen for those who press their way to throne of God relentlessly!

This was not an organized, planned video and podcast. I was just fired up in my spirit talking to my husband and he was like you need to record this. So, we did. I’m not a Bible scholar… but in John 5 in the Bible, Jesus healed a man who had been an invalid for 38 years. Each year the angel of the Lord would stir this pool water and whoever got in the water first got healed.Almost like, whoever wanted it bad enough, got it! After years of not being able to get in the water in time, it feels as if this man was tired, bitter and feeling sorry for himself. He had a victim, self-pity mentality. He told Jesus he had no one to put him into the water when the pool was stirred, but Jesus just told him to get up and take your mat and walk! (I’m paraphrasing it). The man obeyed Jesus, showing he really did want to get well but had just sort of been fried from being disabled for so long. He was totally healed instantly. No drama, Jesus spoke and the man was healed!

Now that’s the kind of power and authority I want to walk in how about you?

Laurel Costa Kasco

Know Your Value. Live Your Life.

Know Your Value. Live Your Life.