Body Image: Do you struggle to find Balance with Food over the Holidays?

Studies show body image struggles often begin around the age of six. Maybe it’s because we grow up here in America with so many Barbie Dolls, mirrors and general focus on what we look like. Many of us also develop negative Body Images because our moms had one and that’s what we grew up with. Sometimes the stress of the Holidays like Thanksgiving can be just enough to trigger you to start ping ponging between eating enough to not eating or anything in between. We want to enjoy the Holidays without letting our health go sideways, but that’s easier said that done at times, right?

What is the hardest thing for you about your body image, food and the holidays?

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Christmas Gold: Do You Know How Much You are Worth to God?

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The hyperlinks in the poem below take you to watch videos of Christmas Carols! I hope you enjoy this and know how valuable you are to God. He loves you no matter what is going on in your life… and don’t you forget that… ever!

Christmas Gold!

You are worth more than rubies and gold;
God sent His only Son just as He foretold.
To bring you a life you could never earn.
To bring you joy and Christmas Gold,
To wrap you in His love and warmth to hold.
Hold you ever so close to his heart,
God never wants you to depart!
You are a priceless treasure to Him.
He holds you everyday in the palm of His hand.
You are the reason Jesus was born and died.
You are not alone He see’s every tear you cry.
Christmas Gold is when you know God loves you way down deep.
Christmas Gold is peace and joy knowing God will keep,
Keep you always and forever close to His side,
So this Christmas curl up with God and let Him shape and mold,
Mold you by Jesus’ love into beautiful, shining Christmas Gold!

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“Selfie” Craze: A Debate of whether it’s having a Positive or Negative Affect on our Body Image!

“Selfies!” They are everywhere. It can be fun, but to some it can also be discouraging when they compare their pictures to others they see online or in the media.

There are positive and negative reviews and debates of “selfies.” But what do you think?

Selfie's... PHOTO BY: Leigh Thompson (a selfie)

Selfies can be so innocent and fun! Some of us (especially the outgoing ones) like to share our moments with others and document as many moment’s as possible. Ok, so maybe you don’t and you’re outgoing, but I wish I had more pictures from growing up. I also wish I had more pictures from college. I was so busy living and doing awesome things but don’t have the pictures to look back on and remember.

So here’s some of the things that stood out to me while doing research for the “selfie” blog:

1. Taking “selfies for fun and sharing important parts of your life can be positive overall.

2. It’s very easy to start comparing yourself not only to pictures from Hollywood and the media, but to your friends on facebook. It can be easy to feel as if you don’t measure up in appearance.

3. Statistics already show women and men who aren’t happy with how they look can develop an eating disorder.

4. Like many things in life balance seems to be the key in keeping “selfie’s” positive.

5. It’s more appealing to others for you to post some “selfies” that are not the most flattering. No one looks amazing all the time, and you are then more relatable when you aren’t striving for outward perfection (which doesn’t really exist).

6. Selfie’s can boost or breakdown your Body Image and Self Image. It often seems to come down to how and why you are taking them in the first place.

7. Keep it light and fun, or for simply sharing your life’s journey through a photo. This will help you to balance and focus on what’s the most important to you.


You are beautiful. Loved. Valuable. Worthy.Priceless Daughter’s created by God.

No matter what you look like or feel like you need to know you are here to love and be loved. Anything pulling you away from loving yourself and others is likely to lead you down a destructive and dangerous road.

Try to respect who you are and those around you as you consider what pictures you take and post.

Are “selfies” having a negative or positive impact on your body image?

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Body Image: Do Mom’s Influence their daughter’s Body Image?

Body Image. It’s something most of us struggle with at some point in our lives. In fact, 91 % of women are unhappy with their bodies. It seems these days girls are starting to battle the negative body image thoughts at younger ages. Experts agree mom’s have the most impact over their daughter’s body image.

In speaking with their daughters mom’s are encouraged not to bring words like “diet” and “weight” into conversations.

My daughter is only 6 and already telling me what she wants her body to look like when she grows up. We discussed it will look like it’s supposed to for her. Then I explained that how we look on the outside isn’t really the most important thing, but it’s how we love everyone no matter what they look like. Also, we must love ourselves.

I used my own stretched out belly to show her how we all can look different but we’re still human and can love each other. This is where it all begins… it begins at home.

Family at home certainly affects self-esteem and body image.

A negative Body Image can lead to eating disorders and much more. This article talks about how we need food to fuel our body for energy and dieting isn’t a good idea.

No matter what your mom thinks of her own appearance just know our looks are not who we are. We are woman and each one of us is uniquely different.
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Who has influenced your body image in a positive or negative way?

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