Giving Thanks: Thoughts, Prayers and Worship!

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you had an amazing day. Are you excited about what God is doing right now? He is moving so fast and bringing so much provision in every conceivable way. Bring your thanks to God and then go out and find someone to lift up this week. I promise you won’t have to look far to make a major difference in a life around you and truly bring someone hope!

Too many times this year I sort of checked out and became lazy and went my own way. I’m not waiting until 2016 to change this. There is no way I deserve all of God’s amazing goodness but He’s been doing whatever it takes to keep cheering me on and He will do the same for you.
May God give us the strength and grace to obey Him more and more in Jesus Name!

Today’s Worship:

On this Thanksgiving Day,
As we worship and we pray,
We take the time to thank you, Jesus
We take the time to thank you.

As we bow our heads and pray
And we worship at your feet, Jesus
We take the time to thank you.
We take the time to thank you.

What are you thankful for today?

Laurel Live

Women: Secrets to a Life of Fun, Excitement and Adventure Daily!

Young Christian women across America, and the world, how can life be full of fun and adventure daily?

Music: Listen to “Victors Crown” Hillsong Music
Written by: Darlene Zschech, Israel Houghton, Kari Jobe

Secret #1.
Obey God. Live for Him 100% by simply obeying and doing whatever He tells you to do. God doesn’t want us disobeying and then sacrificing later to try and make up for our sin, He wants total surrender and obedience. We’re replaceable! In 1 Samuel 15 God was grieved at King Saul’s disobedience and in the next chapter he was anointing someone else to become King… David. And David was out taking care of sheep when He was called up to be the next King. So, by doing what God wants and being a worshiper and enjoying hanging out with God, He may just give you a sudden extreme promotion for your consistent devotion to Him! But the joy and adventure come in to play as we simply live for God day after day after day!

Secret #2.
Ladies, not long ago I asked God why I often still go my own way and this is what He is showing me: What keeps us (me) from obeying God fully?

a. Fear – What will others think? What if I fail? Allow what God says about you to lead you and not your fears!

b. Not fully understanding God’s Vision, Dreams and Plans for our lives so we have no focus or discipline to accomplish what He has called us to do.

Proverbs 29:18 (CEB) РWhen there’s no vision, the people get out of control, but whoever obeys instruction is happy.

c. Simply not spending enough time with God, in His Word, prayer, worship and fasting makes it extremely easy to get distracted and off track.

d. Idols – anything we put before God, like what we do with our time, being selfish and self-centered in our way of thinking, acting and doing things.

e. Pain – How often is pain an excuse for why we do or don’t do something we really need to do? This could be any type of pain and God is greater than pain. He won’t ask us to do anything that He won’t enable us to do.

f. Weakness– I was physically weak and insecure for years and wondered how in the world God would use me again. It’s a distraction at times but God see’s us as strong and able even when we don’t feel it yet. God isn’t allowing me to use any weakness as an excuse for not getting the work done He’s called me too! Why? Because He is greater than my weakness, or your weakness… our strength comes from Him alone. He never grows tired or weary. So He get’s this stuff done through us as long as we remain ready and willing. The ability comes directly from Him. Along with the resources and everything else to get the job done.

g. Listening to Satan, other people or your own inner thoughts that don’t line up with God’s Word and plan for your life! I was stuck right here for a long time. If I really don’t work to stay on top of things in my thoughts I become prey to the enemy and He wreaks havoc in my life in about 1 second. He’s a predator. He’s a lion waiting to devour you when you get your mind off of the things that are above and get them on the things of this world and your own desires too much.

h. Responsibility Excuses: I have family, work and other responsibilities… true but if God wants us to get something done, He will show us how to be responsible in all other areas of our lives and get His work done.

i. I’m Tired! – The Joy of the Lord is our strength. God never grows tired or weary so He can certainly give you the stamina to get things done when you do not have the energy, strength or power to get it done. In fact, it’s in those moments you know God truly was helping you to succeed. You look back and think “there’s no way I did that, it was totally God because I had nothing left to give.”

j. Reward Excuse: That sounds something like this “Well, I’ve been working hard so I think I’ll eat that candy bar now, when the Holy Spirit is saying, No don’t eat it now, eat something else, but you feel like you deserve it so you eat it anyways and justify your sin by your own fleshly works.” I’ve done this type of thing too many times to count. If I can obey in what I eat, then it’s easier to obey in almost every other area literally. So right now the Holy Spirit is working on me to eat less refined sugars. This is a good place to start and it means eating a lot more real food. You see God is all up in our business from the moment we give our lives over to Him. And the longer we are with Him the more He expects of us and all these excuses are things God begins to show us will no longer work with Him. Once this week when I had desert and I could’ve gone without it I noticed I didn’t feel as good, my sinuses felt more inflamed… the refined unhealthy sugars were obviously not good for me. So every time I want to eat the wrong thing, I just try to remember if I want to feel well and be happy, and have these daily adventures and fun with God, I will have to be disciplined enough to eat well.

Secret #3
Don’t give up! It’s easy to not see everything falling into place the way we want it to in life and give up. This isn’t the time to give up, to give in or to let our enemies win. This is the moment to live for God and be successful in life through obedience and allowing God’s love, joy and power to permeate every place we enter into!

Laurel Live

“Selfie” Craze: A Debate of whether it’s having a Positive or Negative Affect on our Body Image!

“Selfies!” They are everywhere. It can be fun, but to some it can also be discouraging when they compare their pictures to others they see online or in the media.

There are positive and negative reviews and debates of “selfies.” But what do you think?

Selfie's... PHOTO BY: Leigh Thompson (a selfie)

Selfies can be so innocent and fun! Some of us (especially the outgoing ones) like to share our moments with others and document as many moment’s as possible. Ok, so maybe you don’t and you’re outgoing, but I wish I had more pictures from growing up. I also wish I had more pictures from college. I was so busy living and doing awesome things but don’t have the pictures to look back on and remember.

So here’s some of the things that stood out to me while doing research for the “selfie” blog:

1. Taking “selfies for fun and sharing important parts of your life can be positive overall.

2. It’s very easy to start comparing yourself not only to pictures from Hollywood and the media, but to your friends on facebook. It can be easy to feel as if you don’t measure up in appearance.

3. Statistics already show women and men who aren’t happy with how they look can develop an eating disorder.

4. Like many things in life balance seems to be the key in keeping “selfie’s” positive.

5. It’s more appealing to others for you to post some “selfies” that are not the most flattering. No one looks amazing all the time, and you are then more relatable when you aren’t striving for outward perfection (which doesn’t really exist).

6. Selfie’s can boost or breakdown your Body Image and Self Image. It often seems to come down to how and why you are taking them in the first place.

7. Keep it light and fun, or for simply sharing your life’s journey through a photo. This will help you to balance and focus on what’s the most important to you.


You are beautiful. Loved. Valuable. Worthy.Priceless Daughter’s created by God.

No matter what you look like or feel like you need to know you are here to love and be loved. Anything pulling you away from loving yourself and others is likely to lead you down a destructive and dangerous road.

Try to respect who you are and those around you as you consider what pictures you take and post.

Are “selfies” having a negative or positive impact on your body image?

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Body Image: Do Mom’s Influence their daughter’s Body Image?

Body Image. It’s something most of us struggle with at some point in our lives. In fact, 91 % of women are unhappy with their bodies. It seems these days girls are starting to battle the negative body image thoughts at younger ages. Experts agree mom’s have the most impact over their daughter’s body image.

In speaking with their daughters mom’s are encouraged not to bring words like “diet” and “weight” into conversations.

My daughter is only 6 and already telling me what she wants her body to look like when she grows up. We discussed it will look like it’s supposed to for her. Then I explained that how we look on the outside isn’t really the most important thing, but it’s how we love everyone no matter what they look like. Also, we must love ourselves.

I used my own stretched out belly to show her how we all can look different but we’re still human and can love each other. This is where it all begins… it begins at home.

Family at home certainly affects self-esteem and body image.

A negative Body Image can lead to eating disorders and much more. This article talks about how we need food to fuel our body for energy and dieting isn’t a good idea.

No matter what your mom thinks of her own appearance just know our looks are not who we are. We are woman and each one of us is uniquely different.
Emma's Art.

Who has influenced your body image in a positive or negative way?

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Love: 15 Ways to know it’s real Love!

Love. How do you know it’s Real Love?

1. He’s fun to be with and you are at peace when you are with him! He feels like home.


Our Actual Wedding Day

2. He’s a man after God’s own heart and demonstrates this daily.

3. Your first gift from him is a Bible and you both go to Bible Study together.


Pink & Black Leather Bible

4. He holds your hand on the beautiful and ugly days of life.

Never let's go.



Rough day…

5. He loves you even more when you’re wearing no make up!

6. He walks to work so you can have the car during the rain and snow of the winter, and I would do anything so he wouldn’t have to in the first place.

7. You have $5 bucks left to buy a meal and he says “you eat, and I’ll eat what’s left.”

8. You have date night each week even if you have no money to go out. You take time to spend with each other, make snacks, watch movies etc. even if this means watching movies in your car while your homeless all winter. Yep. We did it!

9. Your combined income doesn’t dictate your happiness. Your happy if you live high in the sky in an amazing condo or from your car all winter long. As long as you have each other you’re happy!


Rainbow over the Ocean.

10. You both try to take care of each other and almost fight over who’s going to sacrifice for the good of the other.

11. You love him even though you’ve had moments where he made you so angry you could spit fire out of your mouth and consume him!

12. You no longer put so much emphasis on “me” all the time and wonder how you can make his life better today!

13. You can’t wait for him to come home from work… even though you’ve been together for years.

14. You take steps to improve your health so you can be together longer.

15. You make each other laugh daily.

Is your man a daily symbol of real love?

Laurel Live

Happy Relationships & Body Image

L and S

1. Did you know a big part of having a healthy relationship with your man starts with having a positive self/body image?

Why? Because if you don’t realize your own value and beauty you might just land a guy who doesn’t either. That’s not to say there are a lot of great guys who will love you through your own self/body image struggles… but eventually they will tire of always building you up when they need to be built up too! Guys need a lot of words of affirmation. And the key to successful relationships is for both people involved to invest time, thought and energy into the other one.

In Love

2. The right man typically comes along when you VALUE yourself and feel worthy of having a great man in the first place.

spin Laurel

3. Your worth more than you can imagine and part of your life is just about enjoying it. Sometimes this will be hard. But you and your relationships are worth it. Know you only need one good man who loves you and whom you also love. Take some time to learn to receive love from God, friends and family. Love and take care of yourself; this will help build up your Body Image.

What do you need to do to get a stronger Body Image so you have Happy Relationships?

-Laurel Live

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