God’s Love: Did You Know it Isn’t Earned Only Received?

God’s Love for us goes deep. I pray He helps us Believe it and receive it so we can share it with others.

For too many years I couldn’t receive God’s love on a regular basis because I was focused on everything I felt was too awful or too big for God. God has showed me His love can’t be earned it can only be received. We simply receive what Jesus did for us and believe it was more than enough to cover every sin and mistake we would commit during our lives.

God’s Love is a gift and not based on our performance.

His love is a gift free to us, but Jesus paid with His life and suffered so we could receive it.

How many friends do you know who would lay down their life for you?

Jesus’ death and resurrection was enough to save the whole world, and more than enough to cover the things we do and say that bring us further from God.

Romans 8

Laurel Live

How To Have the Best SUMMER Ever!!!

1. God. Your Best Summer Ever begins and ends with God. Make Him #1 and everything else will fall into place. Hang out with Him. Talk to Him. He is your best friend!

2. Work. Stay focused on your college studies if you’re in classes over the summer. It’s not the time to blow off class as you’ll miss the one thing you really needed on the day you miss! Have the best summer ever by doing well in college or in your career through hard work. If you are a young career woman working hard and staying focused is the way to get ahead!

3. Play. By all means, please get out and have some good clean fun with your friends. Celebrate everything! Life is meant to enjoy celebrate everyday, play as much as you can on your days off! Celebrate the weather rain or shine. Celebrate birthdays both yours and mine. Celebrate each and everyday cause you never know when it won’t come your way!

I talked my husband into doing the “Irish Jigg” for my daughter while he was in a laundrymat today doing laundry… very funny… don’t forget to PLAY:

4. Give & Serve. Give to others in need. Give of your time, talents, gifts and resources. Find something you love to do and do it in such a way that it enriches the lives of others.

My husband gave of his talent to sing Happy Birthday to our daughter.We haven’t been able to see her much so this is her gift! Ok this is a small example of giving but we hope you enjoy it! I wanted to sing happy birthday and did, but then my husband said he could do way better… it became a sing off… and HE WON hands down!!

Who won this vocal sing off: Mom or Dad just leave your comments below.

Now go and do what I’ve posted here on this blog and come back and share how you had the best summer ever!

What’s stopping you from having the best summer of your life?

-Laurel Live